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Congratulations website launched successfully

Comprehensive report 】 【 the web on October 20, according to Hong Kong's "Ming pao news, hung hom early 19 mainland tourists and the leader dispute fighting events, including mainland friends - rescue injured nearly one died in the future, change case of manslaughter. 

The 54 years old name is miao male passengers 19 early delegation to folk music street, hung hom, 20, a jewelry store shopping, it is known that he and the leader and guide, many people fight, seedling was found unconscious to the ground, after the hospital, 10 to 20 45 points not died. ,

hung hom, Hong Kong police in wan chai and arrested two people, respectively is 44 dynasty male leaders, and 32 surnamed lu Hong Kong mainland - friend. There are still two men are being police hunting for.

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